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Carpet Cleaning / November 30, 2016

Orange, CA 92867
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I used this carpet cleaning company for the first time and I will be using them again in the future. I took pictures before they arrived and once they left I could not believe the difference. Thoroughly done along with a great service.

I got the carpet cleaned and Christian did an amazing job! He even got red wine stains out of the carpet!! He's the best & is SO nice as well. He has created his own special chemical treatment that works miracles & makes the carpet brighter.

I needed my carpeted stairs from the (movers tracked a bunch of dirt/grime from their shoes and wheels), but didn't have a lot of time to deal with it. I was actually going to be out of town and not sure when I'd be available but arranging the cleaning services with Immaculate Home Care was no problem. I spoke to Robert who set me up with an appointment with less than 48 hrs notice. He quoted a fair price without even seeing my stairs, which was less than I expected. I simply let him know how many stairs there were, and he gave me a very fair price and a small (2 hr window) when the technician would arrive. Half hour into my window, there was a knock on my door and the tech asked to take a look at the area. After 2 minutes they explained what it would take and that since the bottom corner step was especially dirty, there would be a slight extra charge for deep cleaning, since just going over it a couple of times wouldn't get it all out. Since I was already fine with the really low price, this was not a problem and actually expected because if I had to do it myself or hire somebody else it would take a lot of extra effort to clean this bottom area, and at no cost savings. He found the water hookup from my house faster than I did, connected his machines and in less than 10 minutes was underway doing the job. 45 minutes later my carpets were clean and sparkling, practically like new (these are very old carpets, probably over 10 years old in my opinion). The tech accepted my signature and check and was easily on his way. Very happy with the communications, price, service, and results. Recommend 5/5

Really bad experience service I had from with Immaculate and they don't provide proper estimate and once they show up that charge everything is additional. They don't do good job and worst experience I had with. Never look at what was paid earlier and just give foul estimates and demand for more money.

They're just about the worst business I've dealt with. I wish I had checked Yelp beforehand and saw all the negative reviews. I bought a voucher for the entire house cleaning. I called to make an appointment and they asked me how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc and set up an appointment for 2 pm. The cleaning guy showed up at 12:45p so I told him I wasn't expecting him until 2pm and no one is home. He said he would come back at 2pm. He came back late at 3:45 pm and first thing they said was it will be extra $65 for the stairs and another $30 because the house is over certain square footage. They didn't state that when I made the appointment nor when I bought the voucher - it says cleaning for the WHOLE house on the voucher. Don't ever use these guys, it's a scam - what a waste of my time!! If you bought a voucher, get a refund, trust me it's not worth your time.

The guys came during scheduled time. We're very professional, and did a good job. They allowed us to move our furniture as we went to allow us to get more of the floor clean. Also took care of our couch for us. Good company in Orange to have your carpets done.

I bought a Groupon for 3 rooms and a hallway for $39. My carpet is very well maintain but just needed a good wash in part because the color is so light that anything shows. Christian [ I believe] got here on time and was very nice and careful with the wood floors so he wouldn't scratch it with the machine, and didn't try to sell any other services because there was no need. I was very happy with the result and the service, and with his attitude, it just makes it better when somebody is nice while doing their job. I think a few people complain about the groupon not being a deep cleaning, but is really clear that is a maintenance cleaning, so if your carpet is very soiled and stained just buy the deep cleaning instead. Don't expect 40 dol to get you a new looking carpet. For 40 dol I have to rent my own machine in the market and have to do the job myself so I'm happy somebody did it for me for the same amount.

Yes, my carpets were cleaned and the guys were very nice, BUT after they left I noticed scratches on my wall corners, they clogged my bathtub, and got dirt all over my tile floors. They use a machine that is brought into the house rather than the tubes that are connected to an outside van. They told me this machine was ideal for apartment buildings because it would reach further than the van-hose method. I thought that was neat until I noticed the scuffs on my staircase corners because they had banged it up! This machine requires them to periodically dumb out the soiled water and they did it in my bathtub (without asking or explaining the process) and clogged the bathtub! Yes, this really happened. At the time of service, as I realized this was how they were doing this, I was shocked, but was I supposed to kick 'em out with my carpets half cleaned? Who knew they'd clog the tub. They left dirt and grass throughout my house on the tile floor by my entryway, the tile up the stairs, and the tile in he upstairs hallway. They lugged the machine through my grass and tracked it all in. Aside from the attention to the carpets, there is little attention to anything else. To boot, they offered a starbucks gift card that would be emailed to me if I wrote them a five-star review. At the time immediately after the cleaning, I thought they were 5-star based off cleaning and niceness, so I wrote a review. Do you think I ever got the starbucks gift card? NO. I even txted them about it and they never replied!! If you're going to bang up my walls, dirty my tile floors, and clog my toilet, at least buy me coffee!! Because of this, I suspect this is why they have so many 5-star reviews. Customer beware.

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