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Home Depot Carpet Cleaning Machine

Carpet Cleaning / December 3, 2016


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Anyone have experience with rented carpet cleaner machines?

I have a living room room that is filthy! It's a medium gray color, but has so many dark spots and looks terrible. No grease or oil, just ordinary wear. I've cleaned some patches with pine cleaner using a stiff bristle brush. For about 3 weeks the carpet looks clean, but then the spots return. I guess the only way I'll get it clean is to rent a carpet cleaner which sucks up the dirty water. I don't expect to restore the carpet, just to get it much cleaner than it is.
Has anyone tried one of these before? Do they really work? Will I need some special cleaning solvents? My local grocery store rents such machines at $35 per 24 hour period. Do you think it's worth it?

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We rented Rug Doctor before we moved in. The carpet didn't have any stain and it was like new. It collected so much of dust when we were remodeling the home that we decided to rent this steam cleaning machine. If you go to the place like Home Depot or local grocery store where they have this units to rent out, they will recommend you the products. I bought the soap + anti foam. I have no idea how that thing works because my cleaning lady used it. I told her to run the machine one more time without soap to squeeze out water to reduce drying time.

There are some threads in this forum which will give you more idea about how to operate it and how to avoid some common mistakes.

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I agree with Trusam - Rug Dr. does a great job. However, I actually hurt my back getting the thing out of my car - it's heavy - be very careful. However, if you can move thing thing - it works great. Good tip - to run over carpet after you have cleaned it to get the excess water out. The Rug DR. works great to extract water.

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