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How to Clean Persian Carpet at Home?

Carpet Cleaning / December 14, 2017

cleaning persian rugsCleaning Persian Rugs ... Here is Everything

Almost every oriental carpet or rug is occasionally susceptible to spills. Most accidents can be handled with a minimum of trouble.

Normally, cleaning Persian rugs is not a hard staff if you really know what to do. Ninety percent of all spills can be removed without staining your carpet.

Persian carpets are very easily spot cleaned at home, if they are tackled at once with cold water; a wash cloth; gentle, non-perfumed soaps or, neutral pH (neither acid, nor base) detergent.
Moisture should be blotted dry between each phase of the cleaning process. It is absolutely vital to rinse the soap residue from the rug, and to dry the spot fairly quickly, using a hair dryer or fan, if necessary.

The following tips and suggestions for cleaning Persian rugs in other words the removal of stains from your Persian Rug are provided for your reference:
"you should learn basic preparations before cleaning Persian rugs"

I Before Cleaning Persian Rugs Prepare a Spot Removal Kit

You should have a spot remover kit readily available. Prepare the cleaning materials before any accidents occur, so you are ready for any eventuality. Bottle and label all your cleaning solutions. Your spot remover kit should contain:

1. A clean white, absorbent cloth; a sponge, and; an eyedropper, or a squirt nozzle (not a spray nozzle) to apply the chemical

2. Dry cleaning fluid (non-flammable, such as perchlorethylene). If dry cleaning fluid is unavailable, substitute a Paint/oil/grease remover.

3. Detergent solution - mix one tsp. of neutral powder type of detergent in a 1/2 pint.

4. Ammonia solution to neutralize type stains, such as fruit juice (mix one tablespoon of ammonia to 3/4 cup of water).

5. White vinegar solution to neutralize alkaline type stains (mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water).

6. Enzyme detergent (mix one tsp. of laundry detergent that specifically states that it contains enzymes with 1/2 pint of water).

7. Oil-free nail polish remover.

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