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Clean House Naked

Clean Your House / April 27, 2020

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Presented by Ethan Mechare


Welcome to a brand new idea in interactive, concept comedy, in which your host, Ethan Mechare (Doin’ It With Ethan) explores ideas around sexual fantasy, voyeurism…and housework! Each show is set in a secret cosy space across London. A special email invite will be sent to you the day before (or if you buy tickets on the day of the event, soon after your booking has been confirmed) revealing the exact address of the performance. Are you ready to be cleansed? After all, don’t the best stories happen behind closed curtains?

Please note, this event takes place off-site in a house in Bounds Green. You will be notified of the full address 24hrs in advance of the performance, and do not need to pick up your tickets from CPT. If you purchase your tickets on the day, you will receive your invite shortly afterwards. Plan your journey here.

About the artist

Ethan’s career as a TV presenter and actor began in Los Angeles, where he hosted shows on MTV, VH1, and TNT. Ethan also hosts an online talk show called Doin’ It With Ethan, where he interviews actors and attends wacky events. Coming Clean is his first solo show.

Image credit – Melanie Wilbur | @ComingCleanLive | #comingcleantheshow

Audience Feedback:

“Far more than a humorous romp through the life of a dirty cleaner – it’s an intimate, provoking, question-raising exploration of what we really want and what stops us from asking for it.” – Alex L.

“It’s great to experience this show in the intimacy of someone’s home. Ethan was super funny and I felt like I was being invited on a journey rather than just watching a show.” – Aeden C

“SO much fun! It was more than comedy, more than theatre… it’s an experience! Get tickets before they sell out.” – Amy N

“I laughed SO much! Sitting in the comfort of a strangers living room it was intimate and very engaging and definitely an experience not to be missed! You should totally go and see this!” – Amalia L.

“Fantastic tour de force by Ethan Mechare served by his unique showman quality very much in the American tradition of comedy. The show makes us rethink our own ideas, possibly debate them and definitely laugh. All this in a very cosy and warm living room context.” – Christopher P.

Host Feedback:

“We had a great evening hosting “Coming Clean.” Ethan is charm personified and transformed our living room into a theatre with a few artistic flourishes. It was a delight to welcome new friends and never has our house resounded with so much laughter.” -Oliver & Carol (Hosts in Balham, London)

“Inviting the Naked Cleaner to come into your home is a little like opening the door to Mary Poppins as re-mastered by one of the higher-numbered television channels.” -Philip & Lucie (Hosts in Hackney)