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Clean Your House / March 12, 2017

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Everyone knows that moving is difficult, but the silver lining is encountering great kindness from the people you need to help you. That was the case with Clean Out Your House. Two bright, engaging young men came to do the job, Hakim and A.J., who happen to be cousins. They cheerfully schlepped and carried everything I could throw at them for the better part of a day, and at the end swept out the garage, the shed, and every place in the house where they had worked. When I expressed surprise at their leaving these areas "broom clean, " one of them replied, "We've learned from our work that this is an emotional time, so we like to make it a little bit easier." Hakim and A.J. left me not only with a cleaned-out house, but also with a smile on my face and a warm heart. I can't recommend them with higher praise.

Incredibly quick, sensitive, polite, and hard working! I could not say enough about the 2 men who cleaned the attic and cellar. They even swept the cellar when they were done. I really like the fact that some of the items are donated to charity. Linden Ponds recommended this place and they were spot on! This will make my move a cinch after having lived in this house for 67 years! I could not express my gratitude to such a wonderful company! I most highly recommend Clean out your House!

What an INCREDIBLE service! My grandfather had recently passed away and I needed to clean out his office to make a ground floor bedroom for my 89 year old grandmother. Needless to say it was hard for all of us, but a task that needed to be fulfilled! Clean Out Your House was incredibly understanding, thoughtful, kind, and sensitive to our needs from the first phone call with Lauren. The crew they sent to clean the room were truely thoughtful and careful gentlemen. I had recently had a horrific experience with another removal service company and so, understandably, I was a little nervous about the whole process. I cannot recommend this company enough!!! They were a true godsend and I would recommend them to everyone and anyone.

I had to clean out a clutter filled apartment of an elderly relative who is now in a nursing home. "Clean Out Your House" sent two very professional and hard working staff members and they had the whole apartment cleaned out and swept out in a morning. They took everything and hauled it all away. The bill was slightly less than the estimate I was given. Highly recommended.

Larry and his crew are the best. They did a challenging and thorough job on my folks' attic-sensitive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable the whole time. They worked super-hard - even schlepping stuff to the truck in a downpour. Also loved how much attention they paid to what could be given away to other. I want them back to do the basement!

I'll say it again...Larry and his crew are the best! Ted and Marteen did an outstanding job cleaning out our parents home from the basement to the attic crawlspace. They were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, patient, and most obliging to everything we asked them to do. They handled everything with sensitivity and never once complained about the work - we even had a few chuckles. They made a daunting task painless! We hired Larry because we wanted everything disposed of properly and serviceable items from furniture to kitchen items to be recycled through charity. Their service is the best and we highly recommend them!!!

I used Larry and his crew to clean out my mother's apartment after she died. They were prompt and courteous and came in on estimate. I liked that they sorted through the things and were able to donate some items to charity. When they accidentally soiled the carpeting due to muddy wheels on the dolly, they were apologetic; the next time they came, they made sure to keep muddy things in the hallway. Would recommend them.

Larry and his crew were fantastic! I have used them twice. The first time was to move a fair amount of items from a third floor walk-up in Boston to a warehouse in Waltham. I did not accompany them to the warehouse but they put everything in neatly and mailed me the key. Then I used them again in August to help my daughter move the stuff from the warehouse to her new off campus house near Brandeis. They did a fantatic job both times and I highly recommend them.

I used Clean out Your House to get rid of a bunch of items in my home I couldn't just throw in the trash. Larry was a complete pleasure to work with, he was prompt in his estimate and his timeframe to pick up.He was also extremely responsive to my questions and when I had another job to do just a week later, he was just as prompt with his service. I was able to leave the items in my driveway and they were picked up exactly when he said they would be. No mess was left. I would highly recommend using Clean Out Your House.