Free Printable Whole House Cleaning Checklist

Complete House Cleaning Checklist

Clean Your House / November 9, 2016

I *LOVE* spring cleaning. It is an opportunity to throw open the windows, let some fresh air in, and make our homes clean, happy and efficient spaces. Don't be daunted by the size of this list, many of the jobs are small ones that will go by quickly, and you'll be so glad you took the time to do them!

  1. Dust lighting fixtures.
  2. Wash walls and trim
  3. Wash doors, knobs and switch plates.
  4. Wash bench or other furnishings. Launder bench cushion, if applicable.
  5. Empty out coat closet. Wash walls and floor, if needed. Sort items as you return them to the closet. Store out of season items, donate unneeded items.
  6. Clean or replace entry mat.
  7. Sweep and scrub floors.
  8. Reseal grout lines, if necessary.
  1. Open windows
  2. Dust furniture.
  3. For each drawer: remove items, wash drawer, place items back neatly. Donate Items you no longer need.
  4. Remove everything from closets. Sweep and wash closet floor. Put everything back neatly. Donate items you no longer need. Try not to store things on closet floor.
  5. Move Bed. Sort and put away anything that was under bed. Sweep or vacuum under bed. Try not to store things under bed.
  6. Put bed back. Freshen mattress by sprinkling with baking soda, letting sit briefly, and the vacuuming it up.
  7. Launder bedding and curtains. Wash pillows and duvet in hot water. Air out mattress pad, if you have one.
  8. Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens.
  9. Wash switch plates. Wash walls and trim as needed.
  10. Wash mirrors or dust art.
  11. Wash doors and doorknobs.
  12. Wash floor registers and other vent covers.
  13. Sweep and wash floor or vacuum.

  1. Empty all cabinets and vanity. Wash inside, replace items neatly. Discard expired medications and cosmetics.
  2. Wash outside of cabinets and vanities
  3. Clean tub. Wax if necessary. Clean drain.
  4. Clean toilet, inside and out. Remove seat and clean around seat bolts.
  5. Clean sink and drain.
  6. Shine faucets.
  7. Clean mirror and frame .
  8. Dust light fixtures.
  9. Wash switch plates. wash walls and trim. Wash doors and door knobs.
  10. Sweep and wash floors.
  11. Reseal grout lines if necessary.
  1. For each cabinet or drawer: Remove items, wipe out drawer, place items back neatly. Donate unneeded items.
  2. Wash and sanitize cutting boards
  3. Sharpen knives
  4. Wash cabinet doors and knobs
  5. Clean oven.
  6. Clean stove top. Remove elements and drip bowls, if applicable, wash and put back.
  7. Clean under fridge and stove.
  8. Vacuum refrigerator coils.
  9. Clean crumbs out of toaster.
  10. Clean and descale kettle.
  11. Wipe down any other counter appliances
  12. wash counters and back splash.
  13. Wash windows and window sills. Remove window screens and wash.
  14. Wash switch plates.
  15. Wash walls and trim as needed.
  16. Wash doors and door knobs.
  17. Wash floor registers and other vent covers
  18. Sweep and wash floor.
  1. Open windows.
  2. Wash curtains.
  3. Wipe down table and chairs.
  4. Wipe down or dust other furnishing.
  5. Clean chair pads, if applicable.
  6. Polish table, if necessary
  7. Create a pretty spring vignette on table!
  8. Dust any displayed china or serving dishes.
  9. Launder table linens.
  10. Shine silverware.
  11. Dust art.
  12. Wash switch plates
  13. Wash walls and trim.
  14. Wash doors and door knobs
  15. Clean floors.
  1. Vacuum sofas.
  2. Spot clean sofas, if applicable.
  3. Launder throw pillows and blankets.
  4. Dust shelves, furniture and decor.
  5. Wash windows and window sills.
  6. Take out and wash window screens.
  7. Clean television screen.
  8. Carefully dust electronics.
  9. Tidy electronics wires. Tuck nicely out of sight. Label them, if practical.
  10. Sort through music and DVD collections. Purge things that no longer suit your families interests. Organize what is left in an attractive manner.
  11. Sort books and magazines. Donate or recycle ones that no longer suit your families interests.
  12. Wash hard plastic children's toys with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry. Launder stuffed toys. Donate or store toys that your children have grown too old for.
  13. Wash doors and knobs.