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Dreams About Cleaning House

Cleaning House / May 8, 2018

Dreaming with house

What do dreams about house mean?

Since we live in our house in waking life, your house in a dream usually represents you or your physical body (the dwelling of your soul).

  • It may represent your home life and family interactions.
  • Floors or Levels in the House

    The main floor may represent your everyday life. The upstairs or upper floors may represent a higher level of awareness or understanding. The attic may represent memories or your Higher Self and the basement may represent your unconscious and repressed memories and emotions.
  • Rooms

    Specific rooms and/or what takes place in them may represent different aspects of yourself or your life.
  • Cleaning a Messy House

    If you dream that your house is messy or dirty you may be repressing negative emotions or neglecting yourself physically.
  • You may be disorganized or you may not be thinking clearly.
  • To dream of cleaning your house suggests you are in the process of (or should be) clearing out or ridding yourself of the negativity in your life.
  • Searching for something in the House

    If you are looking for something in your house, you may be doing some soul-searching.
  • You may have lost something in waking life that you are still trying to find in the dream.
  • dreamsChanges in the House

    To dream that you are in your house with some things that have changed may suggest you are going through some inner changes or you may be dealing with a change in some area of your life.
  • You may be changing the way you think or feel about something or someone – whatever has changed should provide more insight.
  • House needs repairs

    If you dream that your house is damaged or in need of repair, you may be concerned about the condition of your house (or your physical body).
  • There may be repairs that need to be done that you are neglecting or are not yet aware of. Consider what is in disrepair or damaged and check it out in waking life.
  • Someone else’s House

    To dream of being in someone else’s house may represent the house’s owner or your relationship with that person. You may be trying to get to know or understand this person better.
  • To be in someone else’s house may be addressing some event that took place there.
  • You may be living your life vicariously through this person.
  • dreamsAn unknown House

    To dream of being in an unknown house or the house of a stranger may indicate you are going through changes and don’t recognize new aspects of yourself that are beginning to emerge.
  • There may be repressed memories, fears or emotions that you are not acknowledging or dealing with.
  • Outside of a House

    To dream of being outside of a house may suggest an unwillingness to see yourself as you really are.
  • If the house is dark you may not be seeing something important.
  • House Break-in

    If you dream your house has been broken into, you may be feeling threatened, physically or emotionally abused or it may symbolize an invasion of privacy or disregard for personal boundaries.

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