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Exotic House Cleaning Service

Cleaning House / February 21, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After a tip to ReportIt, Target 8 went undercover to discover a man with a wild name, a shady past and a nude house cleaning business that local police are also checking out.

The questionable business being run out of an office at Brookfield Office Plaza on 28th Street is owned by a man named Sexual Sin Blue.

That wasn’t always his name — he grew up in Lansing as Reginald Jones. Target 8 never learned precisely why he changed his name.

It could have something to do with his business, which is, “as he explained it, naked house cleaning, ” Grand Rapids Police Department Lt. Pat Merrill said.

Blue has been running Craigslist employment ads for Grand Rapids, Muskegon and the Detroit area for his Exotic Five Star Professional Maid Service, a business he started in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The ad says “Exotic means ‘NUDE’ house cleaning for high-profile clients.”

Grand Rapids police detectives show up at Sexual Sin Blue’s office Friday to find out what he was doing and offer some advice: namely, that he should have talked to city licensing and zoning officials first.

“The type of business we’re talking about got our attention. We said, ‘Wait a minute: Has this gentleman talked to anybody? Because this is probably not going to fly.’ He’s going to want to run it through first. Don’t want to waste a bunch of money try to start a business here that’s going to be shut down, ” Merrill said.

Target 8 went undercover to fill out an application. Blue said the job was just house cleaning. He did not mention anything about it being nude.

He told another Target 8 investigator he was running a regular cleaning service for rich clients as well as the nude cleaning gig.

And he asked the undercover applicant for $25 to run a criminal background check on her.

That, the Better Business Bureau says, should be a red flag.

“If someone asked me to pay them $25 to do a background check on me and I was applying for a job with them, I would turn around and walk out the door, ” West Michigan BBB President Phil Catlett said.

Catlett said people looking for a job should be wary of online employment ads that want money upfront, a practice he says is becoming more common.

“But, ” he qualified, “From a credible employer, highly unusual.”

And Blue does have some credibility problems. He has a long history of passing bad checks in Michigan along with fraud, larceny, trespassing, property destruction and prostitution charges. When he was in California, police got him for auto theft, grand theft, larceny and soliciting for prostitution.

When Target 8 went to talk to him with cameras rolling, he declined to comment and shut his office door.