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Fun Ways to Clean your House

Cleaning House / October 18, 2019

Image titled Make Cleaning Fun Step 2Listen to an iPod, your mobile, or a radio to keep you entertained. Choose an interesting podcast to learn something amazing while you clean.

Pretend you're on a game show. Set a timer and see how much stuff you can pick up in the allotted time! (Also see the step on rewards below, as you could give yourself a prize.)

Pretend you're someone in a story. For example: Pretend you're Cinderella and you're cleaning the house, but you have to be done in time so you can go to the ball.

Dress up. Dress up like a pop star and act as if you're cleaning up your dressing room to receive important people who want to congratulate you for an amazing performance.

Color code your cleaning. Choose colors and pick up only the things in those colors. Then switch to another color, then another, until all the things have been picked up, put away and cleaned.

Change things into categories. Set a certain time limit in which you have to finish tidying up that category in before you can move onto the next one.Image titled Make Cleaning Fun Step 10 An example would be you have to pick up and put away all the clean washing in 10 minutes before you can move onto making your bed or vacuuming the floor.

Reward yourself while cleaning. Many people get less and less motivated during cleaning. Eat a little of your favorite food or decorate your forehead with stickers; something to keep yourself from stopping.

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Implementing a Routine
  1. Have a routine. It may seem a dull thing to do but it's a way of tricking your mind into doing things automatically without having to think "what next?".Image titled 284558 5 This frees up your mind for thinking about other things, for listening to music and for having a more enjoyable time than simply scrubbing and vacuuming.
  2. Make your bed before anything else. Doing this will make your room look cleaner instantly, providing you with a good sense of motivation. Even better, it gives you space to sort things on.
  3. Put things away next. Hang up clothes, put dirty ones in the laundry basket and put away all items that aren't in their usual spot. Instant tidiness!
  4. Clean the floor last. After all, it'll be strewn with stuff, and cleaning gear, until the very end. Once it's cleared, the mopping or vacuuming will be a cinch.
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