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Cleaning House / December 15, 2020

House Cleaning in Phoenix

A Clean House is a Safe House

One of the major benefits of house cleaning is safety. The longer you live in a home the more things and stuff seem to appear and gather. Soon (and very quickly) the stuff is in stacks, and the things all seem to be underfoot, in the way, and tripping you up. Clutter can not only be annoying, but also detrimental to your health and safety if it is left unattended to for too long. It can create a fall risk, and create breeding grounds for germs, mold and bacteria. Eliminating the clutter, and making sure your home is clean are Maid Complete specialties, and for good reason. We think everyone deserves the peace, freshness, and safety of a clean home.


Reduce Fall Risks - The more items you have misplaced, disorganized, and/or stacked about your home, the higher the likelihood you could accidentally trip, fall and injure yourself. By keeping things tidy, and in their place, you can roam freely in your home with no risks or worries.

Ease Stress and Anxiety - Home should be the place where you can relax, destress, and enjoy your free time and family without worrying. Having a clean home is relaxing, but it can be a daunting chore to keep it that way. Whether you are busy at work, raising a family or have physical limitations, house work can very quickly become a major source of stress and worry in your life. Maid Complete can help with deep cleaning services that make your life easier, as well as weekly scheduled bookings for your convenience and peace of mind.

Lessen Allergies and Illnesses - Dust, pollen, dander and germs are all culprits threatening our health and they like to get into our houses! Frequent sweeping, dusting, and disinfecting of your home can help reduce the dust and allergens, and keep the germs and bacteria away. This is great for your home, and your health because it can lessen the agents that cause allergy flare ups and keep you illness free and healthy on a consistent basis.

Three Reasons Clean Homes are Vital in Arid Desert Climates

The desert is a beautiful place to live, but it comes with extreme heat and dry air that make going inside a safe retreat. This makes it especially important to make sure your haven from the heat is clean for several reasons.


The climate of the desert can fluctuate vastly, but the constant soaring temperatures particularly in the summer months can turn a home into an incubator for germs and bacteria. The dry air also leads to more dust. Additionally, heat keeps more people inside with air conditioning running to stay cool, so it's even more important to keep your home clean and free of dust and germs so that the same dirty air isn't recycled throughout your home.


The desert is adorned with some incredibly fascinating insects-but we are guessing you are like us and prefer they stay outside. A clean home takes away the temptations that typically lure in bugs and other pests, such as food crumbs, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, a full trash can, or stacks of paper or boxes.


Mold can be extremely toxic when breathed in, and cause you to become very ill. The heat outside, coupled with the cool air created condensation, and can cultivate an unintentional, but perfect climate for mold. Keeping your home clean, dry and bacteria free will keep you comfortable and healthy while battling the heat.