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House Cleaning / September 24, 2019

122 Randolph Ave
Clifton, NJ 07011
(973) 340-9090

I wish I had found My Cleaning Lady sooner!! After living in the same apartment for a couple years now, dust was starting to take over. I wanted to hire professionals to come in and do a good deep clean. I felt like I came home to a hotel. The place looked FANTASTIC!! I wont wait 2 more years to have them back :) The staff is extremely friendly and will answer any and all questions. I would highly recommend them!

I had My Cleaning Lady to my house a few times to clean and I wasn't too impressed. I always cleaned my house myself, but wanted to try a cleaning service to see if they could do a better job than I did. I also wanted to spend my weekends relaxing rather than cleaning! I live in a duplex and mainly use the upstairs for storage, so I called My Cleaning Lady to come clean the downstairs level of my house. I always spoke to Eva on the phone and she is very pleasant and accommodating. I would ask her to figure out when the cleaning ladies could come on a Saturday and she always made that happen. What I really didn't like was the inconsistency in staff. All three times I used My Cleaning Lady, they sent different ladies to clean. I asked Eva why this was and she said it was because the staff rotate doing Saturdays. I was looking to see the same ladies come each time so I didn't have to explain everything to new people each time. My other big issue is their pricing. They charge a certain amount per hour, per cleaning lady they send. The downstairs of my house is only four rooms and they would send two ladies to clean each time. This REALLY added up and I think the ladies took their time cleaning because they knew I was being charged by the hour. It ended up costing me a fortune each time, so I stopped asking them to come. My house was never very dirty and it shouldn't take two people two hours to clean four rooms. I may use this company again in a pinch, but I've been cleaning my house myself these days.

Wish I could give 0 stars. I've had to his company for years and with the recent switches and inconsistency of staff they were able to steal 5 jewelry pieces from me. When I called to let them know they never called me back. Completely disappointed in this service that I trusted. I will be finding a new company.

It was not a great experience for me... I was moving in to a new apartment and had the ladies to do a move-in cleaning for me. The apartment looked already clean from the naked eye before I moved in so I left the apartment for the ladies to do their job for two hours. They told me they would clean everything. When I came back I didn't do a thoroughly checkup and paid them. It was not until afterwards that I found out they didn't do a "thoroughly job" as they claimed they would do: there were yellow stains on the shades, a penny left on closet floor..., etc. I could only assume they thought the apartment already look clean so didn't really do anything.which I hope not the case. Word of advice: do a thoroughly checkup before you pay the ladies!!!

These ladies are amazing and so nice. Always on time and they somehow make our household feel fresh and clean. With 3 kids and two dogs and home renovation ongoing, that is a huge job!! They are so polite and they handle everything. I am so pleased to have them in our home. I highly recommend them!

We are a few single guys, so we know a house can get a bit...well, messy. We couldn't live without the My Cleaning Lady crew. I've had cleaning services in the past, but they are by far the best I've ever had an experience with. Highly recommended.

My Cleaning Lady has just been fantastic - always great service. They have always cleaned the house really well and quite fast. Pricing is also very competitive. And the crews are always so friendly and nice. They've been helping us keep the house clean every week for two years now, and never ever did we have a single issue. Highly recommend them.

Had my first deep cleaning and they did a very good job. Missed two things (on top of fridge and some cobwebs) but otherwise not that bad. I may use them biweekly.

Never will I trust another cleaning service again! Thanks GOD I found My Cleaning Lady out of Clifton, NJ (rather, my husband did). Ewa is a pleasure to work with and the cleaning ladies and extremely thorough and punctual. They do use all their own supplies but will use your cleaning supplies if you ask them to. They do include any deep cleaning service you ask them to (but you have to specify and work out the details regarding rates and all). Overall I found them to be very professional, courteous and thorough. Extremely wonderful to have the house deep cleaned every two weeks.

Everyone at my Cleaning Lady is super friendly! I have been using My Cleaning Lady for over 3 years now and would recommend their services to all my friends and family. I get my house cleaned every 2 weeks and the ladies always show up on time and take very good care of my house. I completely trust them to take care of my home. I would definitely recommend My Cleaning Lady to anyone looking for great customer service and thorough cleaning. They also have done deep cleaning for my home after I moved and it turned out amazing! They're always running specials as well!

I was very happy with the service I received. The girls were very nice & did a great job & took very good care of my house & all my items & furniture. They use their own cleaning supplies but will use your own if you request it. Their prices are excellent & they are punctual. Ewa is a pleasure to work with, she is very accommodating & very patient; I had 100 questions the first time I called & she answered every single one without an attitude. I had a bad experience with my previous cleaning service so I am very happy I found My Cleaning Lady because they did a great job & are great to work with, unlike my previous cleaning service. I would highly recommend My Cleaning Lady to anyone looking for a reliable & efficient cleaning service.