3 Tips for Hiring a Maid Service for Interior House Cleaning

House Cleaning Dayton Ohio

House Cleaning / August 11, 2017

My inspiration for Dazzle Me Clean was to provide an excellent friendly service for my clients to have great service at an affordable rate. The greatest challenge is to advertise on a low budget. We are a small business and Thumbtack is a great way to advertise on a small budget.

Dazzle Me Clean is managed by Cynthia Bowen. She and her team have helped busy people get an extra hand to free their time a little bit. She sees to it that they all get what they are paying for, and Cynthia never fails to deliver.

My most effective strategy for happy clients is to listen to their needs and to satisfy those needs with a service that contours to them. By keeping our pricing rates affordable and our service excellent, we give our business cards to clients to share with the people they know to advertise.

Cynthia has been exposed to many projects and considers all of them as her success stories. Every project is unique for her, and this reflects the top quality work she showcases in her projects.

Source: www.thumbtack.com