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I love learning new tips and tricks both on how to more easily keep a clean, organized home as well as everyone's little tricks for those moments when you have 20 minutes before unexpected company is about to walk through your door. (One of the funniest I've heard is to pull out the vacuum and display it prominently and then explain apologetically "You caught me in the middle of my spring cleaning."

To help keep the house clean, I:

- sweep kitchen floor nightly before bed
- take kitchen trash out nightly
- use microfiber cleaning cloths and spray bottle of water to quickly remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances
- make bed every morning (ok, I only do this about half the time, but I'm working on it!)
- open and sort the mail daily
- utilize a 'landing strip' zone in the foyer

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Originally Posted by Wry_Martini

- make bed every morning (ok, I only do this about half the time, but I'm working on it!)

An unmade bed is cleaner. Dust mites thrive in a neat bed.

Originally Posted by K'ledgeBldr

Next best thing- hire someone else to do it!

If you can't afford to hire someone, the next best thing is to have many children and raise them the old-fashioned way by having them do chores. My siblings and I joke that my mother had children because she couldn't afford a maid. The truth is she could afford a maid. She just didn't need one. She had us. We did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the floors, etc. I swear the only thing she ever did was cook dinner and laundry. Of course, she must have cleaned when we were younger, but that can be considered investing in the future labor source.

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Leaf blower in the front door, out the back door.

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For me, the ONLY answer is, DON'T LET THINGS SLIDE, otherwise they get worse and worse and worse until you are so demoralized at the state of a particular room that you just give up and close the door!!

Of course, "don't let things slide" is easier said than done. I do try to keep up with simple things every day, and I have 2 small vacs for quick jobs when I don't want to lug out the big guns, but still - there are times with certain rooms that I just give up for a few days.

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We will do a quick vacuum or mop after company leaves and I'm OCD about the kitchen being put back together after a dinner/before bed. I have my "shut the house down for the night" routine as well.

The Swiffer wet jet is amazing, especially since I used pliers to pop the insanely secure top on them to put in our own additive/cleaners (money saver).

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