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House Cleaning / May 21, 2020

Riverside, CA 92506
(951) 640-0450

We called Carol and she responded amazingly fast, booked up in the next 2 days and not just that, she came even before the time with a notice ahead so it was great for us, she cleaned the entire house which was very dirty in 3 hours, something that will probably going to take us the entire day and I think the price was fair also because we paid 200$ for quality not for hours, we called other people and they wanted over 300$ and 500$ even! Thank you very much Carol, you are amazing!!!

I have better things to do than waste my time writing bad reviews but Carol was so appalling she forced my hand. I called her and described to a T what needed to be done. She told me the price would be $250-$300 I agreed and she came to do the job. Towards the end of the job she informs me she wants $150 more than the agreed upon price. I was over the barrel as I was having the house appraised the next day and she still had the whole kitchen and one upstairs bedroom to clean. I very angrily paid her extortion fee telling her it was her responsibility to tell me upfront if the bid price changes. Here is where the most repugnant side of Carol comes out. She basically quit cleaning and left my kitchen dirty my downstairs fans undusted and she did not even clean the upstairs bedroom as I found things on the floor and in the closet that should have been picked up. If I speak honestly about the work she did do it was very average at best. There are far more worthy people out there I highly recommend you do not hire this very unethical average cleaning lady.

Carol was really nice! I called her to come by 9 and she was on time. I came back from studying and my house was super clean and new. We only ask for her to clean the downstairs floor, but she just went ahead and cleaned the kitchen counters and microwave. I highly recommend you guys call her.

We contacted Carol for a last minute request and she referred us to Jill who did a great job at cleaning our house. Both answered phone calls and text messages promptly and were friendly. Jill did an excellent job at cleaning our stove, which had a very dirty cooktop. After her cleaning, it looked like it was brand new. She also took care of cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, and the rest of the kitchen. The house has never looked that good before. I would highly recommend them for house cleaning.

Interesting phone call. I am a small business owner myself and I like to use other small business owners to keep the community going. I also trust yelp reviews, so I wanted to explain my experience I just had on the only phone call I made to this business. Carol answered (assuming it was her, did not introduce herself), and I explained I wanted a surprise one time detail house cleaning for my girlfriends anniversary. She asked me where I was located and I described I was in a area(described in detail) in Moreno Valley, The excuses began to flow after that about she doesn't really go that far, the gas prices, travel time, etc (she is located off Magnolia in Riverside) But her yelp says serving Riverside and surrounding areas. I am about 19 miles from her. so, I inquired about the distance and just to come over Van Buren, (short cut) she replies (Um, Ya!) like she just blew me off and began on how she only goes about to the distance of Costco (5 miles from my home) and she was still tap dancing out of this. She asked when and I asked for Wednesday and she replied "Oh no, Wednesday is my busy day", more excuses then ended with "In fact this whole week I am busy", at this point all I heard where excuses and just felt she did not want my business and was being blown off, so I will shop else where. Not impressed by the initial call and customer experience.

She still cleans for me and I remain a happy customer. They are reliable and trustworthy.

My wife and I recently were married and, unfortunately, due to the time demands of work and planning the wedding our apartment became a bit dusty and neglected. I contacted Carol and she was extremely polite, professional, and transparent when it came to her services. She came by a week after our first conversation with her son, Ryan, and I have to say their services were worth every penny! The kitchen is sparkling, the living room spotless, the bedroom as well, and they even opted (with my permission) to organize our shelves as they dusted. It was painless and the results were fabulous, so I am an extremely satisfied customer. Oh, and on top of that, they themselves were very cordial and pleasant, so all in all I would say their services were top notch!

I contacted Carol and set up a time for her to come to our house the following Saturday at 2pm. She didn't show up. I called her at 2:30 to ask what had happened and she went into this long story about how the people she was supposed to clean for that morning were supposed to have been moved out and "had stuff strewn everywhere and she didn't know how she was expected to clean" blah blah... So you don't show up for an appointment and then you bag on your existing clients?? BIG turn-off. She then said she "guessed" she could come by later and she would call before she showed up. She didn't call like she said she would and she just showed up at our house. She never quoted a price or what said she offered in her service. Obviously she didn't want the job so I don't know why she didn't just SAY she wasn't accepting new clients or something over the phone instead of wasting our time. The whole experience was just weird.

I called Carol to clean a very dirty vacant rental home I had. She returned my call immediately and scheduled a crew for the weekend. They cleaned the house from top top bottom. It was a pretty big job and her price was very reasonable. I found Carol very professional and the property was ready for me to show it to prospective tenants without delay. I wasn't even present when her her crew arrived or left. They just got the job done and the quality of the work was first rate. Carol is very professional, payment was easy through Paypal. . Great job. I give her my highest recommendation.