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House Cleaning Services / March 9, 2017

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Silvana was exceptional! I called last minute to clean a house that I recently bought for my client. My client was extremely disappointed with the condition of the way the home was being delivered and I wanted to rectify the problem. Instinctively I went to Yelp to look for a professional cleaner and found Silvana. She was direct and said she would make my problem go away. The house was cleaned on on 12/29/16 and I haven't heard from my client until tonight 1/3/17. I had to reach out to her and make sure that the house was properly cleaned and she said "the reason I haven't called is because the cleaning was beyond her expectation that I didn't feel the need to call!" Well done by Silvana! Thank you so much!

Not a good service. Silvana and I agreed that she would arrive and start at 10am. Then, Silvana texted me to say that she will arrive 8:45 to 9am. She showed up with two other workers. I opened the door and all three walked right in and went straight to the back bedroom and started working. The first thing Silvana asked for was trash bags, but she said that she had all the equipment and supplies prior. Someone broke a knob on the stove and she didn't offer to replace. Then after she left I discovered that she didn't even go in and clean one of the bathrooms. I called her and she said that I didn't show her the other bathroom. Well, 1. I told her that my home was a 2 bed / 2 bath and second, the way her team freely walked right in and right to the back bedroom, wouldn't you think she would have seen it? Finally I called her to come back and if she doesn't, I would put a stop payment on her the check. She told me to simply put a stop Payment on the check. People - do not hire this company. It's a scam.

Absolutely fantastic. My apartment was so dusty and I had not had a deep clean for a long time. Her team arrived right on time and did an outstanding job. Super convenient and easy. This is my second time using them and I will definitely keep going back.

I used Silvana's services when I got back from winter vacation in January, as apartment was dusty with dirty floors. They did a good job with dust and cleaned up most of the floors, but The team was cleaning with their shoes on, so that was kind of oxymoron, considering the fact that they are getting the places cleaner. I negotiated for intensive cleaning, yet a multiple spots were left dirty on the furniture, windows, etc. Also, for $160 I was expecting some throughtout job for 2 hours at least, but they were done in an hour and half, so I didn't know if they did a great job or wanted to finish quickly? Overall, if you need one-time cleaning, it's a good choice, but I wouldn't stick to them in long-term or on continious basis.

They did a wonderful job on short notice when we ran out of time before the holidays, but post renovations. Highly recommended!

They did a wonderful job. We were very pleased with their work. Our restroom and the bath tub was such a mess but they made it look like new. I highly recommend them. Their rate was very affordable too.

Silvana and her crew arrived on time, were very friendly, and did a really great job doing a post-renovation deep clean on our condo. My wife is a neat freak and was thrilled with the quality of Silvana's work. They even found a long lost necklace while doing their cleaning. I've had bad experiences with Handy in the past, which turned me to search on Yelp. The positive reviews for Silvana are accurate and l would also highly recommend. Book her with confidence that you'll get a great service.

I have been using Silvana and her team for several months, and I would highly recommend them. Not only are they very professional and do a great job with basic cleaning tasks - they always leave my house squeaky clean and smelling lemony fresh - they consistently go above and beyond. I am on my own with twin 2-year-olds and, even though Silvana comes every two weeks, the place is a disaster when they arrive. By the time they leave, clothes have been picked up and folded, toys have been organized, papers have been neatly stacked, and beds are crisply made - it's wonderful! The first time I called Silvana I was a bit desperate for help, and she was able to come within a couple of days of me contacting her. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular service, you can't go wrong with Silvana.

Silvana and her assistants made my home look very nice but despite the fact that I told her over and over again my most important need is to have clear paths she did anything but. The keyword there is "look". She was so overly concerned about throwing things out that stuff which is obviously garbage was left. She put a piece of useless foam on a plant stand and the plant which cannot tolerate light in the sun. The plant is on life support. She tried to put a bottle of water on my beloved piano. Thankfully I was there to stop her. She said she didn't know. I have had many housecleaners in my time and not one of them didn't know about water and pianos not being friends. I have no idea what she did with today's supply of medication so I will be unable to take it until tomorrow. They are anti convulsants. When I called to ask where she put it all she told me was that it wasn't thrown out. My medication is kept locked up so I will not be able to take these life essential medications until tomorrow. The one thing that one of the cleaning women was willing to throw away was plastic cutlery. This is probably because it would be easier than washing it. She took every piece of clothing I had on the floor and put it on my bed. I told her I was not interested in her doing that bedroom. I do like how she rearranged it but now have a lot of work to do in there. This goes back to her ignoring the reason I wanted her service. She said she didn't have time to do the fridge. She would have if she didn't create more work for me in the bedroom. She rearranged my plants putting plants that require shade under my grow light and plants that require a grow light in a dark spot. She said she needed to do that to clean. I can appreciate that but since she was cleaning for someone who has many, many plants, primarily in very good health (the only dead one she put front and center on my display stand) she really should have gotten my help to put them back or told me in advance she didn't know what to do with the plants. . While her superficial work was disappointing the medication not being able to be found is very concerning. I am sure it's still here (my Mac book and iPad are and she was alone with them - she's honest) but medication should be left EXACTLY WHERE IT WAS or HANDED TO ME DIRECTLY.

Thank you to Silvana and her team. She arrived on time and was kind and thorough! I was home and she did my office space first so I could continue to work while she was here. Thank you again for your excellent cleaning and see you next month.